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Oakland 2018

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ISO of COSA Diversity Statement

The 2017 COSA Convention, Step into the Sunshine, was held May 26-29 at the Doubletree SeaWorld in Orlando, FL. Recordings of the sessions and speakers are now available through the COSA Store in MP3 format. Here are some reflections from some COSAs on their convention experience (some editing may have occurred due to space considerations). These statements reflect only the experiences of the individuals who shared them, not that of COSA as a whole.

"This was my first convention and it won’t be my last. This experience has enriched my recovery and I look forward to attending next year. I felt cared for and especially appreciated the orientation and the Serenity Send-off. I’ve made some new friends here and have gained more insight as to where I’d like my recovery process to go from here."

Gabby E.

"Just want to let you know that the convention was absolutely wonderful! The workshops, speakers, catering — everything showed a lot of planning and service work that went into this well-organized and successful conference. Please let your local committee know how grateful we are for all of their work. The beautiful care and support identification ornaments, the decorations, the COSA Emblems, — all were beautiful! Thank you! I am grateful that I was able to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones, and put faces to the voices that I hear on the tele-meetings. None of that would have been possible without you and all others who helped to put on this conference. Thank you!"

Janie A.

"I was a walk-in to the convention, and admittedly pretty hesitant at first. I was welcomed immediately by the registration volunteers who answered my questions, showed me the program and offered ways I could participate. From my first meeting that night to the closeout session, I felt like part of the group. The conference was a oasis of support and learning. It was also my first time in classes with SA members. Hearing their teaching and shares expanded my understanding and gave me a more compassionate view of my husband. It helped me respect his recovery and opened up new dialogue between us. The resources offered for continued recovery were helpful as well. I am now listening to virtual meetings and reading conference material. Can’t wait to go next year!"

Patti L.

"Orlando was my second COSA convention. My first convention was a great experience, so I was really excited for Orlando. I wanted to be more a part of the convention this time, so I took on a few volunteer opportunities. That gave me the opportunity to meet more people, and also to see how the convention really comes together. In all aspects of the convention, I noticed how intentional everything was. There was so much attention to making the convention supportive, from the craft room to the generous breaks in the schedule to the visibility of the Care and Support Committee. I want to end with appreciation for the hospitality suite. Obviously, I appreciate the food, but more importantly, it became a gathering place. There was no agenda other than connection and relaxation. We could talk about the convention, COSA or something completely unrelated. It ended up being an important part of my convention experience."

Sara L.

"Felt some sadness and resentment towards my SA for not attending convention with me. But as I have learned, higher power always has a better plan. I met some amazing COSA members who had so much ESH and shared their stories. A few of the COSAs whom I met in the hospitality room were wonderful and I felt like I was in a safe place. I will always remember Judy, Helen, Gilda and Ila’s remark that COSA will always have our back. And most of all, spending time with my sponsor who pulled me from despair to the sunshine. This was my gift to me attending the convention and being free to be me."

Candy B.

It’s not too early to start planning for 2018 in Oakland! Rooted in Recovery will be held May 25-28, 2018.


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